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Alkonost - The Sword of Fata
Odsłon: 842
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Tekst piosenki:

The wind is blowing
Above the ashen field
It blows the fire
smoke to the other land
I can not move
Can’t raise my hand
The enemy’s sword
Crushes me to the ground

I’ll go to the dawn
To the heaven
be in your hands
With the drops of rain

I’ve seen the flame of sun,
it reflected on the swords,
Every minute kills someone
With dread fury in their eyes
The hymns of the ancient time
Were filled with magic strength
With the fire in their hearts
They were dying

I’d like to know if
The death is close to me
And if I come home
Soon and in safety
I cannot heal
All the wounds in your heart
My look has stopped
In sorrowful thoughts

I’ll go to the dawn
To the heaven
be in your hands
With the drops of rain

The bloody sunset is melting in the sky
I had lost my chain armour in the fight
My arrows and sword were broken
I was standing and breathing for the last time

In green spring
The grass is high
Drink the dew drops
Swim to the clouds.
There you’ll see a river
Leading to the road
I will send with you
The part of my hope
And I will follow you
through the fields and swamps
Someday with the sunrise
I’ll meet you
In the sky

I’ll take the sword
It was you destiny
It was the sign
Of your victories

I’ll go to the dawn
To the heaven
be in your hands
With the drops of rain

It was the hard decline
The shiver of the sky
It was the sound of night
The heat of the burning land

Our Mother-earth is so old
covered by the flame
Bring back cold rivers to me
take my pain away!

My dreams are turned to dust
I’m fading away
And my death is my fate
In this flaming golden fields
The sword was cruel
I couldn’t stand
The pain went through my heart
Last time


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Tales of Wanderings (CD, 2015)

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